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Movie Story:
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The Justice League battles the Fatal Five, (Tharok, Emerald Empress, Validus, Mano and the Persuader). Based on the characters created by Jim Shooter.

Mr. Terrific is heavily featured in this movie. The creative team wanted to give him more action after feeling he was cooped up in the Watchtower running the team in the last season of Justice League Unlimited (2004).

He is also voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in this movie instead of Michael Beach who was busy filming Aquaman (2018).

Movie review:
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“Justice League vs the Fatal Five” is a return to the DC Comics Animated Universe that took off in the 90s with cartoons such as “Batman” and “Justice League.

” Set in the same comic-book continuity of these cartoons, this movie follows the further adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more as they face a new threat.

A new Green lantern is arriving on the scene and a band of time-traveling villains known as the Fatal Five show up in Metropolis to destroy her. The Justice League must now face this threat with the help of some new super-powered friends.

Movie Cast And Details:

Director                                    Sam Liu

Writer                                         Alan Burnett, Eric Carrasco |

Stars                                           Elyes Gabel, Diane Guerrero, Kevin Conroy

Genres                                       Animation | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Country                                  USA

Language                               English

Release Date                        30 March 2019 (USA)

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five – Official Trailer

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