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My Spy 2019

My Spy 2019 Movie Story

Dave Bautista is well enough into his transition from wrestling into acting that we can confidently call him a good actor. After making a splash in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bautista has bucked expectations for the typical wrestler-turned-actor, instead carving out a path as one of the most interesting character actors working today.

But duty calls, and Batista is doing what many a wrestler-turned-actor has done before him: a family comedy. Batista is starring in the Peter Segal-directed comedy My Spy, as a hardened CIA agent who finally meets his match in a pint-sized girl.

My Spy 2019 Movie Cast And Details


 Peter Segal


 Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber


 Dave Bautista, Kristen Schaal, Ken Jeong


Action | Comedy | Family


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