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Zoo 2017

Zoo 2017 Movie Story

HUMANS weren’t the only casualties in the Belfast Blitz during the Second World War: In 1941, 33 animals at Bellevue Zoo were ordered to be killed lest they escape from their enclosures into the wilds of north Belfast during air raids.

Happily, zookeeper Denise Austin decided to protect a baby African elephant called Sheila by taking her home each night to her back yard at White well Road.

The elephant would bed down in their garage for the night before accompanying Sheila back to the zoo the next morning an arrangement which worked perfectly well for 18 months until Sheila chased an aggressive dog into a neighbour’s garden, destroying a fence in the process and alerting the zoo authorities to her nocturnal adventures.

Zoo 2017 Movie Cast And Details


 Colin McIvor


 Colin McIvor


 Toby Jones, Penelope Wilton, Art Parkinson 


Family | History | War


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